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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Eliza Blake is a newswoman on the rise. Well liked and respected by her colleagues at KEY News, she's entered a stage where everything seems to be going right. She's finally come to terms with her husband's death and has risen above the depression that temporarily overwhelmed her. She's happy spending time with her adoring young daughter, and a budding romance is making her believe in love all over again. Then Bill Kendall, a senior anchorman, dies unexpectedly and Eliza is thrust into the limelight -- offered her biggest opportunity ever.

Everything seems right -- and yet wrong. As Eliza starts to suspect that Kendall's death has ramifications beyond the set of the TV show, she begins to unravel a plot of murder, greed and jealousy that involves players as high up as the White House. Do You Want to Know a Secret? is set against the behind-the-scenes machinations of today's TV media world.

Reviews & Blurbs

"A tightly knit whodunit with engaging characters and a suspenseful plot...Refreshing surprise ending, a very 90s version of 'the butler did it.'" (Publishers Weekly)

"A polished page turner with a smart, appealing TV anchorwoman as the main character. Twists, turns and a terrific plot. I loved it." (Mary Higgins Clark)

"The secret is out: Mary Jane Clark is one of the most exciting novelists in America today. Her debut thriller takes us on a suspense-filled insider's tour of the corridors of power in politics and journalism, where everybody's got a secret, everybody wants a scoop -- and now somebody has murder in mind. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? is an unabashed edge-of-the-seat, they-don't-write-'em-like-that-anymore, unplug-the-phone-and-disconnect-the-TV, page-turning stunner!" (Dan Rather, CBS News)

"A brilliantly structured thriller. The secrets and surprises just keep coming, but they make perfect sense in the TV media world that Mary Jane Clark has absolutely nailed." (Janet Evanovich)

"Secrets...ambition...intrigue...Mary Jane Clark knowingly seduces you in this intensely suspenseful behind-the-media-scenes thriller. (Joan Rivers)

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Book Information

Released 1998
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-19260-6
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, Large print