What They're Saying

Reviews & Blurbs

"She is one of the most talented storytellers around."
--Associated Press

“Clark has perfected the suspense novel, where in classic Christie fashion, everyone is a potential suspect.”

Praise for To Have and To Kill:

“(Clark is) a literary magician.”
---Associated Press

“Clark launches her Wedding Cake Mysteries series with a bang.”
----RT Review

“The first book in best-selling suspense author Clark’s new series is an old-fashioned whodunit set in a modern world that’s high on suspense and low on gore. The number of characters with motive for murder keeps you guessing, and the action-packed short chapters keep the story moving.”
---Library Journal

Praise for Dying for Mercy:

"Clark's latest rivals Christie's best."
--Associated Press

--Publishers Weekly

"This is another satisfying look at the behind-the-scenes world of television network news tied around an intriguing puzzle."

"Dying for Mercy is an exceptional novel, superb in so many ways, combining the best of a manor house mystery with a life-size puzzle, the clues to the solution of which are in plain sight. The well-drawn characters, steady pacing, posh setting, and intriguing plot all contribute to a very satisfying, most enjoyable thriller."
---Mysterious Reviews

Praise for It Only Takes a Moment:

"..riveting novel of suspense.."
--Publishers Weekly

"Clark does her usual good job with a surprise ending"
--Associated Press

"Clark scatters red herrings along the path, ratcheting up the tension, as this fast-paced story moves to its surprising denouement."
--The Tennessean

Praise for Dancing in the Dark:

"A gripping story chock-full of edge-of-your-seat suspense...readers will not be able to put it down."
--Library Journal

"Taps the thumping dread of an investigator chasing a specter with lives at stake."
--Northeast Living

"A fantastic who-done-it filled with characters who could have committed the crimes."
--Midwest Book Review

"Clark's books are fun to read because she salts them with details about life in the fast lane at network news stations."
--Orlando Sentinel

"An eerie, surprising finale, Clark's latest is haunting and entrancing."
--RT BookClub

Praise for Hide Yourself Away:

"A first-rate suspense novel with fine characters and a great plot twist."
--Globe & Mail

"Knows the ins and outs of a broadcast newsroom and she gives the setting plenty of verisimilitude. A nice mix of mystery and domestic drama."

"Virtually everyone is a suspect."
--Publishers Weekly

"Clark has taken the rich and richer setting of Newport, RI, introduced a bunch of ambitious, would-be TV producers...and mixed in some history along with murder most foul."
--The Orlando Sentinel

Praise for Nowhere to Run:

"Impossible to put down."
--Library Journal

"The dexterity in keeping so many guilty-looking characters afloat at once and the revelation of a truly surprising killer make Clark's sixth dispatch from KEY News her best."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Spare prose...brisk dialogue and rapid-fire action sequences."
--Publishers Weekly

"In classic Christie-like fashion, everyone is a suspect."