What They're Saying

Do You Promise Not to Tell?

In this nail-biting media thriller, the mighty world of television news collides with the art world's secrecy and high-stakes wheeling and dealing. From a deadly back room in Brooklyn's "Little Odessa" to the wealth, power and glamour of Churchill's, one of New York's most prestigious auction houses, no one is safe and everyone is a suspect, all under the threatening gaze of the unforgiving network news cameras.

Farrell Slater, a TV news producer, is at a crossroads. Her job at KEY News hangs in the balance when she fails to convince her boss to broadcast the story of the auctioning of the legendary Fabergé Moon Egg. While trying to figure out what she will do with her future, she learns that the multimillion-dollar treasure isn't all it appears to be. Farrell seizes the opportunity to expose the story and, in the process, to save her career.

If you love drama and intrigue, this up-to-the-minute peek inside a closed world is too tantalizing to be missed!

Reviews & Blurbs

"Clark, who in real life is a writer and producer for CBS News, understands how to hang on to her audience. Her characters are the sorts with whom many readers identify...[DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET's] characters and plots were compelling. But PROMISE is stronger still. The story is tighter. It is a fun read with some nifty twists." (USA Today)

"Fast, fun and informative, DO YOU PROMISE NOT TO TELL? is a winner from the start. I couldn't put it down." (Christopher Reich, author of NUMBERED ACCOUNT)

"In news, as in life, luck often counts as much as hard work. Clark captures the spirit of an enterprising reporter who relies on both to 'get' the story of her life." (Deborah Norville)

"The suspense never flags, and the killer's identity remains a secret long into the tale." (Publishers Weekly)

"Mary Jane Clark has a gift for writing page turners." (Mary Higgins Clark)

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Book Information

Released 1999
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-20527-9

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, Large print