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Nowhere to Run

Botulism, anthrax, small pox, plague: as medical producer for television's highly-rated morning news program, "KEY to America," Annabelle Murphy makes her living explaining horrific conditions to the nation. So when a KEY News colleague dies with symptoms terrifyingly similar to those of the latest scourge, she knows the panic spreading through the corridors of the Broadcast Center is justified.

As one death follows another, Annabelle's co-workers look to her for assurance but she finds it hard to give comfort. To her, the circumstances of the infections begin to suggest that they may be diabolical murders. And when the authorities lock down the Broadcast Center with the identity of the killer still unknown, no one can be sure who to trust, and neither the victims nor the murderer can escape...

Reviews & Blurbs

"In her sixth novel, Clark mixes a really topnotch mystery with psychological suspense; action, not character development, is the key ingredient here. A CBS producer and writer, Clark has the inside scoop on the workings of a national broadcasting company and accurately conveys the lasting effects of 9/11 on the psyche of New York City residents. Her novel is impossible to put down." (Library Journal)

"Clark brings a network news producer's sensibility to the story of a newsroom in the throes of anthrax-induced pandemoniums. Brisk dialogue and rapid-fire action sequencess the yarn entertains with a little network gossip and a short lesson in bio-terrors." (Publishers Weekly)

"The dexterity in keeping so many guilty-looking characters afloat at once and the revelation of a truly surprising killer make Clark's sixth dispatch from KEY News her best." (Kirkus Reviews)

"Clark has perfected the lightweight suspense novel, where in classic Christie fashion, everyone is a potential suspect. Harmless (unlike anthrax), timely, and downright fun." (Booklist)

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Released 2003
St. Martin's Press
Available in Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook, Large print

ISBN: 0312288778