What They're Saying

About Libraries

Dear Librarians,

If not for the public library, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, I wouldn't be writing books today. When I was a kid there were no Barnes and Nobles and, even if there were, my parents didn't necessarily have the extra cash lying around to buy the latest Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden mystery. My sister and I carefully selected our books from the shelves of the Westwood Public Library.

When we were little, we went to story hour, where the elderly librarian would read to us, even when, as happened during one snowstorm, we were the only ones there. As we grew older, we would stop most days as we walked home after school to see if there was anything neat on the "NEW BOOKS" rack. We studied there and researched there and sometimes just enjoyed the quiet there. We treasured our library cards. We learned to love reading.

Many years have passed, but the public library is as important as ever. I still have to pinch myself sometimes and feel truly honored when I see one of my books on a library shelf or hear there is a waiting list for the newest title. I realize, though, that libraries can't carry every book published and sometimes the selection process is difficult. I hope you will consider ordering To Have and To Kill for your readers this winter.

With gratitude,
Mary Jane